Thursday, June 15, 2017

southbound bagel and coffee shop

When your 12 year old nephew asks if you'll take him to brunch... you immediately take him and then let your heart melt a little because you taught him well. Anytime my nieces and nephews want to broaden their culinary horizons; I am completely game. So began the adventures of Jayse and Nannie, and now we're making our way around Hattiesburg. I'm really excited to explore my current city and see what it has to offer.
First up was Southbound Bagel and Coffee Shop. When we walked up I immediately knew this was my ideal kind of brunch/breakfast spot. It's a tiny diner with no bells and whistles, but lots of kitsch and a great cup of coffee in various mugs that have obviously been collected over the years. Jayse got an omelet and I got the mother lode: french toast, 2 eggs over medium, and bacon. Needless to say we weren't hungry again for at least 8 hours, but that's always the sign of a successful brunch.


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