Wednesday, March 8, 2017

the farm

If you read my Malibu post, then you'll know that it was one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. Everything about Malibu brought me peace and made me feel like I had traveled somewhere far away for the day. The best part was coming back and feeling completely refreshed. These days Malibu is a little more than an hour trip up Pacific Coast Highway, so I'm going to show you my new favorite place to get away.

When I was in college my parents were fortunate enough to build their dream home on a large piece of property. My Dad is a country boy through and through, so having grass for days put him completely in his element. The only thing that could make the situation more perfect would be to add animals. To give you a little back story: Before I was born my Dad owned horses, and even though having a horse again was something that was brought up every once in awhile, I truly never thought it would happen. Fast forward to almost twenty years later and along came Mae Mae. I like to call her my sister.. what? You can't see the resemblance?? Technically Max came first, but after Mae Mae the animals just kept rolling in. Although I would classify myself as a city girl, the country will always give me peace of mind and I'm so thankful and blessed that I get to spend time here now. 

Mae Mae




The Ladies



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