Wednesday, March 15, 2017

hitting the refresh button

Life can be pretty overwhelming. That's why I think it's completely necessary to stop and recharge from time to time, although we all have completely different needs when it comes to recharging. For me, I need alone time to relax and reflect on everything that has been going on. I need at least 20 minutes with my devotional and q and a journal everyday. If I can also fit in some time to sing, enjoy a cup of tea and cuddle up to an episode of whatever current Netflix show I'm binge watching, then I consider that recharge a total success!

I think it's also really important for me to feel comfortable while I'm enjoying my quiet time. My current relax and refresh uniform consists of only the coziest of items: My favorite pajamas, a massive blanket, the sweetest socks with a lamb on the toes, and my glasses. (Cute mug filled with chai latte is not necessary, but highly recommended.)

glasses: Warby Parker | pajamas: Victorias Secret  


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